Neighborhood Pulse Covers ADUs


With the media frenzy around the county's program to promote ADU development, Neighborhood Pulse put together a map series on ADUs in the metro. Today we dive more into their series, and the takeaways from this for our indicators.

ADU's selling point hinges on their flexibility, making them well suited for Portland's large lots. Their energy efficiency contributes to their role as an affordable housing option. A study by the Oregon DEQ had some noteworthy findings on ADU owners. 80% of ADUs were being used as someone’s primary residence. 75% of ADU owners charge their occupants rent, which averages $850 a month.

According to Neighborhood Pulse, by 2020 new ADU construction is expected to eclipse the construction of new single family homes in the city. With so many renters paying more than 30% of their income in rent, and high rates of homelessness, there is an acute need for creative housing solutions. While not everyone will be able to build a household, the data on who own ADUs and how much they charge in rent is helpful to understand the region's housing situation.