Greater Portland Pulse (GPP) provides data and context to promote informed decision making in the Portland, Oregon, metro region.

We aim to provide opportunities for dialogue, and to educate the public on regional goals and our progress toward them. We believe GPP is:

  • An Up-to-Date, Easy-to-Read Data Repository
    GPP is a concise, coherent and expert-vetted set of regional indicators that may be used for grant writing, policy development, or policy assessment—or simply as a continuously updated state-of-the-region overview.
  • An Authoritative Source
    GPP indicators reflect a neutral, measurement-based snapshot of the Portland region, backed by the collaborative process through which GPP was originally created and by the respected impartiality of its managing organization: the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University.

The Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies

Greater Portland Pulse is a project of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies (IMS). Housed at Portland State University, IMS convenes regional partners, curates credible information and conducts objective policy research to stimulate dialogue and action that address critical regional issues.

In addition, the Institute provides statewide information about demographic trends through the Population Research Center, an affiliate program of IMS.