Student Achievement



















Data are not available for Mill A and Mt. Pleasant school districts.

* Indicates districts with a student test participation rate below the statewide target (94.5% in Oregon and 95% in Washington).

Additional years of data can be found in the Excel download.

Why is this important?

In both Oregon and Washington, students take their first standardized statewide tests in third grade. Student achievement on these tests reflects the success of early childhood programs (pre-K through third grade) and foreshadows the future successes—or challenges—of the child and of her/his cohort. Family income and health strongly influence a child's academic success, which in turn influences his/her prosperity and health later in life.[i] Health is a particularly strong determinant of student success, as access to medical care and good health can affect a child's ability to attend, pay attention, and learn in school.[ii]


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